Start of Hooch short course 2017

Stand Up for the Hooch Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Stand Up for the Hooch!  This race is always the largest of the SSPS – 188 Racers in 2017!  Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system – your DIVISION rank is based on OVERALL in category (NO AGE GROUP).

4 races down, 5 more to go… where do you stand?  View the 2017 Standings

Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male01:01:50.9511
Norbert NebuczSUP 14'male01:01:56.4322
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male01:02:40.7933
Rand PerkinsSUP 14'male01:02:56.8044
Ben FribergSUP 14'male01:04:18.2255
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male01:04:40.3066
Larry HillSUP 14'male01:04:56.7077
Troy GossardSUP 14'male01:05:03.8488
Greg TysorSUP 14'male01:05:46.7599
Brendan SweetmanSUP 14'male01:06:59.101010
Curt HawnSUP 14'male01:07:07.781111
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female01:07:48.96121
Ken AsbellSUP 14'male01:08:00.291312
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male01:08:15.541413
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male01:08:35.89151
Kenny ReedSUP 14'male01:08:43.081614
Ashley StarkeySUP 12'6"male01:10:16.52172
Les ThornburySUP 14'male01:11:04.391815
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male01:11:12.44193
Chris IronsSUP 12'6"male01:11:24.10204
Eric HallSUP 12'6"male01:11:26.08215
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male01:11:49.41226
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male01:12:07.392316
Stefan HalushkaSUP Under 12'6"male01:13:36.24241
Michael CastelvecchiSUP 14'male01:14:25.912517
Lindsay FordSUP 12'6"female01:14:34.08262
Michele PorterSUP 12'6"female01:16:39.63273
Steve HallSUP 14'male01:17:03.442818
Hicks PoorSUP 14'male01:17:56.372919
Christopher ZaveruhaSUP 14'male01:18:47.013020
Sue SattlerSUP 12'6"female01:18:57.81314
Dana BittenbenderSUP 14'female01:19:22.68321
Steven KeithSUP 12'6"male01:20:02.31337
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female01:20:49.72345
Jeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male01:22:07.49352
Bruce BeldenSUP 12'6"male01:23:21.80368
Doug HaynieSUP Under 12'6"male01:25:48.63373
Benny SmythSUP Under 12'6"male01:26:10.06384
John CarterSUP 12'6"male01:26:23.52399
Russell LipscombSUP Under 12'6"male01:26:36.98405
Daniel DunnSUP 12'6"male01:26:48.654110
Jim PowellSUP 14'male01:26:58.964221
Casey HenritzSUP 12'6"female01:27:45.58436
Jennifer MarcianteSUP 12'6"female01:27:57.54447
Brent MinderSUP 12'6"male01:28:20.144511
Christine SippleSUP 12'6"female01:33:09.62468
Ayelet NevoSUP Under 12'6"female01:39:05.54471
Victoria MchughSUP Under 12'6"female01:40:39.48482
Karen GeorgeSUP 12'6"female01:42:35.66499
Al LudwickSUP Under 12'6"male01:42:53.09506
Liset ParrySUP 12'6"female01:42:53.725110
Clint ParrySUP Under 12'6"male01:42:54.42527
Jeremy EvansSUP Under 12'6"male01:43:36.38538
Reina LingleSUP 14'female01:43:40.04542
David LeungSUP Under 12'6"male01:47:12.41559
Erin EvansSUP Under 12'6"female01:47:21.41563
Laura HendersonSUP Under 12'6"female01:53:13.01574
Julie LahtiSUP Under 12'6"female01:56:52.28585
Mindy SullivanSUP Under 12'6"female01:56:58.84596
Lisa HughesSUP Under 12'6"female01:57:25.25607
Robin GoliveskySUP 12'6"female01:57:34.656111
Mara PerkinsSUP Under 12'6"female01:57:40.71628
Kelly WallaceSUP Under 12'6"female01:57:41.68639
Joe GiovincoSUP 14'male02:19:26.616422
Joe GiovincoSUP Under 12'6"male02:20:24.746510

Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:25:39.7411
Jason AdouliSUP 14'male00:26:14.5022
Mike SmithSUP 14'male00:26:18.7233
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male00:26:22.0644
Neil BolenSUP 14'male00:26:57.3255
Karin HelfmannSUP 14'female00:27:01.1861
Mike NuallaSUP 12'6"male00:27:04.2871
Rangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male00:27:07.9182
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male00:27:48.1493
Matt SewellSUP 14'male00:28:14.30106
Andrew CardSUP Under 12'6"male00:28:25.96111
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:28:32.79121
Terry PerkinsSUP 14'male00:28:45.96137
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female00:28:55.05142
Jeff JudgeSUP Under 12'6"male00:29:10.40152
Kellum WeltonSUP Under 12'6"male00:29:17.84163
Leah DerringerSUP 12'6"female00:29:23.34173
Nicholas MurphySUP Under 12'6"male00:30:02.99184
Dana HauffeSUP 12'6"female00:30:14.23194
Julia Van HosenSUP 12'6"female00:30:32.73205
Andrea KeenerSUP 12'6"female00:30:33.63216
James SloanSUP Under 12'6"male00:30:35.18225
Hannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female00:30:40.50237
Eric IlustrisimoSUP Under 12'6"male00:30:49.74246
Richard BullockSUP Under 12'6"male00:30:52.60257
Craig BittnerSUP Under 12'6"male00:31:10.63268
Chris SmithSUP 12'6"male00:31:11.14274
Benjamin FunderburkSUP Under 12'6"male00:31:28.06289
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:31:30.29298
Eric SchnappSUP Under 12'6"male00:31:46.833010
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:31:47.77312
Dawn HjelsethSUP 12'6"female00:31:48.91329
Gina BolenSUP Under 12'6"female00:32:08.73331
John BarnettSUP Under 12'6"male00:32:12.303411
Matt AbbottSUP 12'6"male00:32:15.76355
Carrie ManningSUP 12'6"female00:32:30.143610
Will PaschalSUP Under 12'6"male00:33:01.573712
Ashley CastelvecchiSUP 12'6"female00:33:13.283811
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:33:18.36396
Brandon LaskaSUP Under 12'6"male00:33:29.984013
Malaya IlustrisimoSUP Under 12'6"female00:33:50.51412
Gary HarrisSUP 12'6"male00:33:51.38427
Mike PetersonSUP Under 12'6"male00:33:53.354314
Julian BookerSUP Under 12'6"male00:33:55.294415
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female00:33:57.77453
Adam PetersSUP Under 12'6"male00:34:12.704616
Scott KempSUP Under 12'6"male00:34:13.324717
Simon TusonSUP Under 12'6"male00:34:19.004818
Craig GilchristSUP Under 12'6"male00:34:31.664919
Lori SalataSUP 12'6"male00:34:36.29508
Eric RobineSUP 12'6"male00:34:42.59519
Daniel RaneySUP Under 12'6"male00:34:59.955220
Sarah SloanSUP Under 12'6"female00:35:18.31534
Virginia MulickSUP Under 12'6"female00:35:23.79545
Nicholas BaselSUP Under 12'6"male00:35:49.965521
Terrence LoSUP Under 12'6"male00:35:54.235622
Josh SchoellerSUP 12'6"male00:36:08.855710
Clay CooperSUP Under 12'6"male00:36:19.865823
Sarah VincentiSUP Under 12'6"female00:36:43.02596
Laurie LeonardSUP Under 12'6"female00:37:02.51607
Caroline PetersSUP Under 12'6"female00:37:10.62618
Andrew SlechtaSUP 12'6"male00:37:13.736211
Joseph TanSUP Under 12'6"male00:37:16.876324
Valerie MauneySUP 12'6"female00:37:25.286412
Phillip CohenSUP Under 12'6"male00:37:44.816525
Lauren BenedictSUP 12'6"female00:37:51.146613
Annie DollarhideSUP Under 12'6"female00:37:54.41679
Eric KingSUP Under 12'6"male00:38:00.166826
Ricardo RodriguezSUP Under 12'6"male00:38:14.986927
Sumana ReddySUP Under 12'6"female00:38:32.797010
Dan PerrySUP Under 12'6"male00:38:41.277128
Larry LaskaSUP Under 12'6"male00:38:59.997229
Servane TonnellierSUP Under 12'6"female00:39:18.917311
Abney SmithSUP Under 12'6"female00:39:38.687412
Marisa SobolSUP Under 12'6"female00:39:39.647513
Julie HarveySUP Under 12'6"female00:39:42.247614
Tara SchoellerSUP Under 12'6"female00:39:48.497715
Jonathan DrummondSUP Under 12'6"male00:40:16.087830
Marianna BrashearSUP Under 12'6"female00:40:33.257916
John GilchristSUP 12'6"male00:40:46.748012
Sylvia DollarhideSUP 12'6"female00:40:58.278114
Lisa DudickSUP Under 12'6"female00:41:16.288217
Michelle RidgeSUP 12'6"female00:41:28.208315
Jeff NorrisSUP 14'male00:41:43.61848
Mary SchlueterSUP Under 12'6"female00:41:51.038518
Sarah SchlueterSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:17.098619
Emily DevivoSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:23.068720
Nikki MaisonetSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:32.938821
Mandy AlfordSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:40.058922
Mike CallaghanSUP Under 12'6"male00:42:49.069031
Teri LynnSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:59.339123
Amy DevivoSUP Under 12'6"female00:43:17.729224
Neil ShahSUP Under 12'6"male00:44:15.629332
Dawn IlardiSUP Under 12'6"female00:44:19.609425
Ally WardSUP Under 12'6"female00:44:27.199526
Rita BellerSUP Under 12'6"female00:45:17.769627
Christy GossSUP Under 12'6"female00:47:15.539728
Stacy HykenSUP Under 12'6"female00:47:49.439829
Janet OttSUP Under 12'6"female00:47:50.189930
Stephanie SchlueterSUP Under 12'6"female00:47:51.0710031
Jillian MartinSUP Under 12'6"female00:48:26.6110132
Jay BeechSUP Under 12'6"male00:48:40.0510233
Wendy GordonSUP Under 12'6"female00:50:25.0410333
Bryan PovedaSUP Under 12'6"male00:50:29.9810434
Kinjal ShahSUP Under 12'6"female00:50:50.2310534
Melissa BentleySUP Under 12'6"female00:51:06.4410635
Tiffany PetersSUP Under 12'6"female00:51:08.0010736
Tara LauleSUP Under 12'6"female00:51:25.1910837
Jessica HarveySUP Under 12'6"female00:51:45.4110938
Alison ButlerSUP Under 12'6"female00:52:45.2511039
Ashlee BullardSUP Under 12'6"female00:54:02.8811140
Marshall DandelskiSUP Under 12'6"male00:55:16.4011235
Helen Sherry HooverSUP Under 12'6"female00:55:20.1711341
Hal TurnerSUP Under 12'6"male00:55:21.5911436
Dottie HodgesSUP 12'6"female00:55:27.3211516
Tashauna WrightSUP Under 12'6"female00:55:43.7811642
Karl RykerSUP Under 12'6"male00:57:12.6311737
Lynda RykerSUP Under 12'6"female00:57:15.8011843
Lauren KubikSUP Under 12'6"female00:57:38.0911944
Elliott RodriguezSUP Under 12'6"male00:57:38.7812038
Vicky SmithSUP Under 12'6"female00:58:38.4612145
Veronica AndersonSUP Under 12'6"female00:58:53.8512246
Diane DevivoSUP Under 12'6"female00:59:29.2412347

River + Road + Rock Adventure Tri Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the River + Road + Rock Adventure Tri!  Your SUP results have been separated from the Tri to be included in the Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system.

3 races down, 6 more to go… where do you stand?  View the 2017 Standings

Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Natalie SimsSUP 12'6"female1:21:26151
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:27:57172
Joel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:16:2271
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:16:4682
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:17:3593
Eric HallSUP 12'6"male1:17:36114
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male1:03:2211
Rand PerkinsSUP 14'male1:05:4922
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:08:2333
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:08:2444
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male1:15:4355
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:16:1966
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male1:17:35107
Seth BighamSUP 14'male1:18:00128
Christopher ReevesSUP 14'male1:20:19139
Tony TrapaniSUP 14'male1:21:191410
Chuck SisunikSUP 14'male1:23:441611

Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Harlon BaldwinSUP 14'male0:35:3511
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male0:35:5322
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male0:35:5933
Chris MurphySUP 14'male0:36:1844
Lindsay FordSUP 12'6"female0:36:3951
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:39:2262
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female0:40:2373
Brett GouldSUP Under 12'6"male0:43:2581
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female0:44:3391
Austin GouldSUP Under 12'6"male0:47:04102
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female0:48:10111
Julie SoutuyoSUP 12'6"female0:48:34124
Nancy PackardSUP Under 12'6"female0:48:47132
Greg HighwoodSUP Under 12'6"male0:49:05143
Victoria McHughSUP Under 12'6"female0:50:17153
Tj GephartSUP Under 12'6"male0:50:29164
Mel WhaleySUP 12'6"female0:52:46175
Laura KilpatrickSUP Under 12'6"female0:56:55184
Black Warrior SUP Championship Results

Black Warrior SUP Championship Results

Such a great day out on the water at the Black Warrior SUP Championships in Tuscaloosa, AL.  The relay races were a hoot!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting the Series and The National MS Society!  See ya’ll in Chattanooga for the CPR race on June 10th!  2 races down, 7 more to go… where do you stand?  View the 2017 Standings

Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male1:00:4711
Matthew VanceSUP 14'male1:00:5222
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male1:01:3433
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:06:0444
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male1:06:2555
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:06:4561
Michael MarkhamSUP 14'male1:07:0476
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:07:3081
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male1:07:5097
Zane AsselinSUP 14'male1:08:09108
Brendan SweetmanSUP 14'male1:08:16119
Tabitha PriceSUP 12'6"female1:09:45122
Butch GregorySUP 14'male1:10:061310
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:10:12142
Tom WatsonSUP 14'male1:12:301511
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:12:331612
Kenny ReedSUP 14'male1:12:421713
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:13:22183
Mike IwashitaSUP 12'6"male1:13:46194
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male1:14:362014
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:14:522115
Phil AsselinSUP 14'male1:18:012216
Stephen GorntoSUP 12'6"male1:20:29235
Gerald HamiltonSUP Unlimitedmale1:21:01241
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:22:51253
Mike AllenSUP 14'male1:30:082617

Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:32:2911
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male00:32:3022
Greg KitchensSUP 12'6"male00:32:4131
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:34:2443
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male00:34:2554
Chris MurphySUP Under 12'6"male00:36:0061
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male00:36:4072
Leah DerringerSUP Under 12'6"female00:36:5581
Jeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male00:37:0892
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female00:37:18101
Hannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female00:37:28112
Jordan HardwickSUP 12'6"male00:37:42123
Richard CrawfordSUP Under 12'6"male00:38:02133
Melissa NewellSUP 12'6"female00:38:38143
Todd LoganSUP 12'6"male00:39:14154
Jeremy JustSUP Under 12'6"male00:39:42164
Carrie BregarSUP 14'female00:39:55171
Stan MurraySUP 12'6"male00:40:29185
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:40:35194
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:41:06202
Brett GouldSUP Under 12'6"male00:41:14215
Simon TusonSUP 12'6"male00:42:17226
Marc TaylorSUP Under 12'6"male00:42:41236
Megan SmithSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:44242
Deanna SteeleSUP Under 12'6"female00:42:59253
Kate CostSUP 12'6"female00:43:58265
Susie PoindexterSUP Under 12'6"female00:44:25274
Andrea HirstSUP Under 12'6"female00:44:56285
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male00:50:59297
Kelli BrownSUP Under 12'6"female00:52:30306
Charlotte BowersSUP Under 12'6"female00:54:13317
John BowersSUP Under 12'6"male00:54:30328

Black Warrior Sup Race

Race #2 is just around the corner

Thanks for coming out to the 1st annual Choo Choo Chase River Race in Chattanooga!  Despite the venue change, the location was fabulous!  Calm water and windless conditions sure beat 65K cfs of debris filled flowing river any day!  Thank you Wild Trails for hosting a terrific event.  Kudos to Dottie Hodges for being the glue behind the scenes and the face of the event on race day!  You can find the SUP and Full results of the Choo Choo Chase River Race on the Southern Stoke Paddle Series Website.  If you are vying for series points you can visit the standings page as the series progresses.

Now on to The Black Warrior SUP Championship hosted by Smith Lake Paddle Boards!  The 2nd race in the series is in May 20th at Lake Nicol in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Proceeds benefit the National MS Society.  Did you know you if you race in The Black Warrior SUP Championship you will be entered into a drawing to win an inflatable YOLO Board?  Wow!  Thank You Yolo Board!  Register on Paddle Guru.  You can find out more information on the Facebook page.  See y’all in a couple weeks!

Choo Choo Chase Results

Choo Choo Chase River Race SUP Results

Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male1:09:2381
Ben FribergSUP 14'male1:09:3392
Rand PerkinsSUP 14'male1:11:38113
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:13:44124
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male1:14:36135
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:15:23146
Brendan SweetmanSUP 14'male1:15:39157
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:15:49161
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:17:28171
Tommy CostSUP 14'male1:17:32188
Madison TorrenceSUP 14'male1:19:39199
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male1:20:222010
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male1:20:342111
Eric HallSUP 12'6"male1:22:21222
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:22:30233
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:23:08244
Scott BoyteSUP 14'male1:24:112512
Lindsay FordSUP 12'6"female1:24:41262
Steve HallSUP 14'male1:24:512713
Joel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:24:56285
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male1:25:443014
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male1:26:173115
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:28:333216
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:29:553317
Tony TrapaniSUP 14'male1:30:093418
Joe BurnsSUP 14'male1:32:433519
Allison HughesSUP 12'6"female1:33:29363
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:33:40374
Bruce BeldenSUP 14'male1:36:363820
Shawna Del ValleSUP 12'6"female1:36:50395
Dan PoolSUP 14'male1:37:404021
Larry ZumsteinSUP 14'male1:51:264122
Samuel AndersonSUP 14'male1:52:144223
Melissa CashSUP 12'6"female2:14:50436
Justin CashSUP 12'6"male2:15:06446

Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Jesse ByersSUP 12'6"male28:34.411
Doug HaynieSUP 14'male29:24.121
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male29:38.432
Thomas HillSUP 14'male30:22.963
Chuck SisunikSUP 14'male30:29.574
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male30:36.882
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female30:58.391
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female31:43.9102
Rangi SweetmanSUP 14'male31:55.1115
Greg CohenSUP 12'6"male32:00.8123
Steve BittleSUP Under 12'6"male33:17.2131
Jeremy JustSUP Under 12'6"male34:30.8142
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female35:13.0151
Debbie RennerSUP 12'6"female35:16.4163
Mark SamplSUP Under 12'6"male38:02.9173
Kate CostSUP 12'6"female39:38.4184
Susan CostSUP 12'6"female39:48.2195
Mike MarottaSUP Under 12'6"male40:03.9204
Cricket WalkerSUP Under 12'6"female40:36.7211
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male43:44.9225
Sally SimmonsSUP Under 12'6"female57:27.0232
Lorraine BittleSUP Under 12'6"female57:29.7243

Choo Choo Chase River Race FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Kids CourseZoe HerringAllfemale0:02:2111
Kids CourseMarshall DandelskiAllmale0:03:0821
2.5 MILEJesse ByersSUP 12'6"male0:28:3411
2.5 MILEDoug HaynieSUP 14'male0:29:2421
2.5 MILEBruce FranksSUP 14'male0:29:3832
2.5 MILEMike AlanKayakmale0:29:4141
2.5 MILEKatie BurnsKayakfemale0:30:0451
2.5 MILEThomas HillSUP 14'male0:30:2363
2.5 MILEChuck SisunikSUP 14'male0:30:2974
2.5 MILEJulian DesprezSUP 12'6"male0:30:3782
2.5 MILELynn DubleSUP 12'6"female0:30:5891
2.5 MILEMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:31:44102
2.5 MILERangi SweetmanSUP 14'male0:31:55115
2.5 MILEGreg CohenSUP 12'6"male0:32:01123
2.5 MILESteve BittleSUP Under 12'6"male0:33:17131
2.5 MILEJeremy JustSUP Under 12'6"male0:34:31142
2.5 MILELindsey SmithSUP 14'female0:35:13151
2.5 MILEDebbie RennerSUP 12'6"female0:35:16163
2.5 MILEMark SamplSUP Under 12'6"male0:38:03173
2.5 MILEKate CostSUP 12'6"female0:39:38184
2.5 MILESusan CostSUP 12'6"female0:39:48195
2.5 MILEMike MarottaSUP Under 12'6"male0:40:04204
2.5 MILECricket WalkerSUP Under 12'6"female0:40:37211
2.5 MILEJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male0:43:45225
2.5 MILESally SimmonsSUP Under 12'6"female0:57:27232
2.5 MILELorraine BittleSUP Under 12'6"female0:57:30243
8 MILETed BurnellAllmale0:57:5111
8 MILEWendell MartinAllmale0:57:5222
8 MILEJoseph DichiacchioSurfski Singlemale0:57:5531
8 MILEBryson PoppOC-1male1:04:0541
8 MILEMichael WestenbergerOC-1male1:04:2452
8 MILEMyrlene MarsaSurfski Singlefemale1:05:4361
8 MILEMark PooleSurfski Singlemale1:09:0872
8 MILETrevor MotzSUP 14'male1:09:2381
8 MILEBen FribergSUP 14'male1:09:3392
8 MILESusan BurtnerOC-1female1:09:34101
8 MILERand PerkinsSUP 14'male1:11:38113
8 MILEJason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:13:44124
8 MILEJacob CroxSUP 14'male1:14:36135
8 MILELarry HillSUP 14'male1:15:23146
8 MILEBrendan SweetmanSUP 14'male1:15:39157
8 MILEKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:15:49161
8 MILERyan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:17:28171
8 MILETommy CostSUP 14'male1:17:32188
8 MILEMadison TorrenceSUP 14'male1:19:39199
8 MILETed NelsonSUP 14'male1:20:222010
8 MILECam AtchleySUP 14'male1:20:342111
8 MILEEric HallSUP 12'6"male1:22:21222
8 MILELhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:22:30233
8 MILEJune MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:23:08244
8 MILEScott BoyteSUP 14'male1:24:112512
8 MILELindsay FordSUP 12'6"female1:24:41262
8 MILESteve HallSUP 14'male1:24:512713
8 MILEJoel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:24:56285
8 MILENancy PackardKayakfemale1:25:21291
8 MILEBubba SloanSUP 14'male1:25:443014
8 MILEJerry JonesSUP 14'male1:26:173115
8 MILEPeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:28:333216
8 MILEPete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:29:553317
8 MILETony TrapaniSUP 14'male1:30:093418
8 MILEJoe BurnsSUP 14'male1:32:433519
8 MILEAllison HughesSUP 12'6"female1:33:29363
8 MILEKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:33:40374
8 MILEBruce BeldenSUP 14'male1:36:363820
8 MILEShawna Del ValleSUP 12'6"female1:36:50395
8 MILEDan PoolSUP 14'male1:37:404021
8 MILELarry ZumsteinSUP 14'male1:51:264122
8 MILESamuel AndersonSUP 14'male1:52:144223
8 MILEMelissa CashSUP 12'6"female2:14:50436
8 MILEJustin CashSUP 12'6"male2:15:06446