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Calling All Artists

Are you crafty? Do you like to play with wood, glass, stone, etc.? Send us pics of some of your work and we’ll recommend you to our Race Directors to make their awards! Let’s keep it in the SSPS ohana! Send pics and contact info to no later than February 1st, 2018.


Board and Age Category Survey

We value your opinions and feedback!  Please take a couple minutes to fill out this tiny survey!  🙂


2018 Southern Stoke Paddle Series Calendar Announced

Drum Roll Please!! 🥁🥁🥁 Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Your 2018 Southern Stoke Paddle Series Calendar!! 2018 is gonna be EPIC!

We had so many applications! It was so hard to keep the series to just 9-10 races, so we bumped it to 12!!! Check out some of the killer new locations!! The point system will change slightly, so hang tight for the new rules!

A huge thank you to all of the Race Directors that applied – You all have great events at awesome venues planned for the 2018 season! If you didn’t make it into the Series for 2018, we hope you apply again for the 2019 season! We’ve got big plans for the future!

Happy Paddling Y’all!


*Carolina CupWrightsville Beach, NC4/20-22/18
1Choo Choo Chase Paddle RaceBooker T Washington State Park, Chattanooga, TN4/28/18
2Paddle for a PurposeLake Norman, Charlotte, NC5/5/18
3Black Warriors Sup ChampionshipTuscaloosa, AL5/19/18
4River Rock Road Adventure TriathlonChattanooga, TN6/2/18
5Stand Up for the HoochMorgan Falls Overlook Park, Sandy Spring, GA6/24/18
6The Lovely Laurel River Lake Paddle BlastLaurel River Lake, KY7/7/18
7Flora Bama Gulf Coast Paddle ChampionshipFlora Bama, Perdido Key, FL7/21/18
8Livin Lush CupKnoxville, TN8/4/18
9Gun Island Chute SUP CupRiverfront Park, Montgomery, AL8/25/18
10Panama Jack Pier to Pier Paddleboard ClassicPanama City Beach, FL9/15/18
11Lake Murray Paddle ClassicLake Murray, Columbia, SC9/29/18
12Oconee ClassicReynolds Plantation Ritz Carlton, Lake Oconee, GA10/13/18

Award Ceremony Gathering at Chattajack

Congratulations to all the winners of the Southern Stoke Paddle Series!  Come join us in Chattanooga on the Delta Queen for a little celebrating – not too much of course, as some of us will be racing the next day!

When:  2:00pm Friday October 27th, because most of y’all will be in the area anyway

Where:  Delta Queen 3rd Deck Burger Bar (151 Riverfront Pkwy, Chattanooga, TN 37402)

Why:  To grab your series award and have a photo snapped for all your glory!

This is a super casual gathering! – aren’t they all?  Grab a bite and/or beverage, get your award, and “chattachat”.

If you can’t join us, we’ll send your award to you in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for supporting the Series!


Lake Murray Paddle Classic

Thanks for coming out to race the final race of the Series at Lake Murray!  Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system.  Congrats to all!

How did you do this year?  View the final 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
John BatsonSUP 14'male1:11:3921
Bill KraftSUP 14'male1:13:3432
Jeremy WhittedSUP 14'male1:13:4243
Caleb ClarkSUP 14'male1:14:4054
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:14:5065
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:18:3286
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:19:1791
Ken BowmanSUP 14'male1:20:23107
Nathan ChampionSUP 14'male1:21:18128
Joel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:21:57131
Joe McconkeySUP 14'male1:22:13149
Stephen WilcoxSUP 14'male1:22:311510
Tony PetersSUP 14'male1:25:371811
Jeff LondonSUP 14'male1:26:241912
Quenton JohnstonSUP 12'6"male1:27:14202
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:27:162113
Gordon PennebakerSUP 14'male1:27:542214
Amy ClarkSUP 12'6"female1:28:33232
Michael CastelvecchiSUP 14'male1:29:152415
Steve FisherSUP 14'male1:30:382516
Jennifer CovingtonSUP 12'6"female1:31:20263
Amanda ReinhardtSUP 12'6"female1:32:03274
Danielle GoldstonSUP 12'6"female1:32:07285
Hunter MurraySUP 14'male1:34:362917
Grace MetzgarSUP 14'female1:34:59301
Ian ClarkSUP 12'6"male1:39:35323
Joseph GillianSUP 14'male1:42:003318
Zander MurraySUP 14'male1:50:183419
Michelle BeattySUP 12'6"female1:51:12356

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:40:20.0411
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male00:41:50.0922
Tim EtchesonSUP 14'male00:42:26.2733
Thomas MosesSUP 14'male00:43:23.9544
Rob CynowaSUP 14'male00:44:41.6755
David JeffcoatSUP 14'male00:44:50.5076
Alice BatsonSUP 12'6"female00:45:03.0581
Terry PerkinsSUP 14'male00:46:18.0797
Jennifer CarverSUP 12'6"female00:46:51.86102
Kristin HallSUP 12'6"female00:47:18.76113
Katie RoweSUP 12'6"female00:47:19.49124
Cameron MillerSUP Under 12'6male00:48:43.28131
Ashley CastelvecchiSUP 12'6"female00:48:44.03145
Maranda CurrySUP 12'6"female00:50:14.14156
Tim HickmanSUP 14'male00:50:25.23168
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6female00:50:37.00171
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:51:33.60181
Heidi Leah SchmidtSUP 12'6"female00:52:23.47197
Melissa LondonSUP 12'6"female00:52:27.94208
Robert LeeSUP Under 12'6male00:52:34.61212
Debbie GillikinSUP 12'6"female00:52:43.22229
Dean JacobsSUP 14'male00:52:45.44239
Amanda JohnsonSUP 14'female00:53:08.07241
Alice FreemanSUP 14'female00:53:29.34252
Mike FoxSUP Under 12'6male00:55:21.15263
Jack StewartSUP Under 12'6male00:55:27.12274
Tia GamelinSUP 12'6"female00:55:46.682810
Judy DavisSUP Under 12'6female00:58:37.40292
Robin GarnerSUP Under 12'6female00:58:38.76303
Debra LeeSUP Under 12'6female00:59:10.19314
Carol HillSUP 12'6"female00:59:12.373211
Marshall HoskinsSUP Under 12'6male00:59:32.90335
Andrew BurbageSUP Under 12'6male01:04:00.63346
Patti LowdenSUP 12'6"female01:04:27.003512
Laurie LeonardSUP Under 12'6female01:05:19.05365
Kenneth ManigoSUP Under 12'6male01:06:51.86377
Jennifer CookSUP 12'6"female01:07:01.053813
Karen CreightonSUP Under 12'6female01:07:02.00396
Deidre BarnesSUP 12'6"female01:08:17.624014
Jennifer KesserSUP Under 12'6female01:11:35.28417
Stefanie SealSUP 12'6"female01:11:47.984215
Carla CootsSUP Under 12'6female01:11:53.68438

Lake Murray Paddle Classic FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
1 MileMackenzie HeimbachSUP (All)female00:17:02.6811
1 MileLeslie Poujol BrownSUP (All)female00:17:04.3822
1 MileWendy ForgettaSUP (All)female00:17:55.9233
1 MileLibby FolkSUP (All)female00:18:11.0544
1 MileTammy LiddicoatSUP (All)female00:18:35.4455
1 MileLora FosterSUP (All)female00:19:19.6176
1 MileChiquita DavisSUP (All)female00:19:29.0387
1 MileAmy CoronaSUP (All)female00:19:39.9998
1 MileShirley SmithSUP (All)female00:20:29.59109
1 MileHannah JacksonSUP (All)female00:21:12.771110
1 MileRebecca StewartSUP (All)female00:24:08.721311
1 MileElaine DowneySUP (All)female00:24:44.081412
1 MileCindy MansfieldSUP (All)female00:28:23.321513
1 MileIan LewisSUP (All)male00:19:10.2661
1 MileJoey StiblerSUP (All)male00:23:47.00122
1 MileLarry DavisSUP (All)male00:28:24.38163
3.5 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'male00:40:20.0411
3.5 MileBubba SloanSUP 14'male00:41:50.0922
3.5 MileTim EtchesonSUP 14'male00:42:26.2733
3.5 MileThomas MosesSUP 14'male00:43:23.9544
3.5 MileRob CynowaSUP 14'male00:44:41.6755
3.5 MileDavid FosterKayakmale00:44:49.2661
3.5 MileDavid JeffcoatSUP 14'male00:44:50.5076
3.5 MileAlice BatsonSUP 12'6"female00:45:03.0581
3.5 MileTerry PerkinsSUP 14'male00:46:18.0797
3.5 MileJennifer CarverSUP 12'6"female00:46:51.86102
3.5 MileKristin HallSUP 12'6"female00:47:18.76113
3.5 MileKatie RoweSUP 12'6"female00:47:19.49124
3.5 MileCameron MillerSUP Under 12'6male00:48:43.28131
3.5 MileAshley CastelvecchiSUP 12'6"female00:48:44.03145
3.5 MileMaranda CurrySUP 12'6"female00:50:14.14156
3.5 MileTim HickmanSUP 14'male00:50:25.23168
3.5 MileEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6female00:50:37.00171
3.5 MileJoe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:51:33.60181
3.5 MileHeidi Leah SchmidtSUP 12'6"female00:52:23.47197
3.5 MileMelissa LondonSUP 12'6"female00:52:27.94208
3.5 MileRobert LeeSUP Under 12'6male00:52:34.61212
3.5 MileDebbie GillikinSUP 12'6"female00:52:43.22229
3.5 MileDean JacobsSUP 14'male00:52:45.44239
3.5 MileAmanda JohnsonSUP 14'female00:53:08.07241
3.5 MileAlice FreemanSUP 14'female00:53:29.34252
3.5 MileMike FoxSUP Under 12'6male00:55:21.15263
3.5 MileJack StewartSUP Under 12'6male00:55:27.12274
3.5 MileTia GamelinSUP 12'6"female00:55:46.682810
3.5 MileJudy DavisSUP Under 12'6female00:58:37.40292
3.5 MileRobin GarnerSUP Under 12'6female00:58:38.76303
3.5 MileDebra LeeSUP Under 12'6female00:59:10.19314
3.5 MileCarol HillSUP 12'6"female00:59:12.373211
3.5 MileMarshall HoskinsSUP Under 12'6male00:59:32.90335
3.5 MileAndrew BurbageSUP Under 12'6male01:04:00.63346
3.5 MilePatti LowdenSUP 12'6"female01:04:27.003512
3.5 MileLaurie LeonardSUP Under 12'6female01:05:19.05365
3.5 MileKenneth ManigoSUP Under 12'6male01:06:51.86377
3.5 MileJennifer CookSUP 12'6"female01:07:01.053813
3.5 MileKaren CreightonSUP Under 12'6female01:07:02.00396
3.5 MileDeidre BarnesSUP 12'6"female01:08:17.624014
7 MileZachary KeisterKayakmale01:09:28.4011
3.5 MileJennifer KesserSUP Under 12'6female01:11:35.28417
7 MileJohn BatsonSUP 14'male01:11:39.1221
3.5 MileStefanie SealSUP 12'6"female01:11:47.984215
3.5 MileCarla CootsSUP Under 12'6female01:11:53.68438
7 MileBill KraftSUP 14'male01:13:34.0232
7 MileJeremy WhittedSUP 14'male01:13:42.4743
7 MileCaleb ClarkSUP 14'male01:14:39.9154
7 MileLarry HillSUP 14'male01:14:50.4265
7 MileChristopher RuckerKayakmale01:15:42.8372
7 MileJason HjelsethSUP 14'male01:18:31.8686
7 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female01:19:16.9291
7 MileKen BowmanSUP 14'male01:20:23.42107
7 MileFred WilliamsHigh Performance Kayakmale01:21:05.34111
7 MileNathan ChampionSUP 14'male01:21:18.40128
7 MileJoel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male01:21:56.90131
7 MileJoe McconkeySUP 14'male01:22:12.52149
7 MileStephen WilcoxSUP 14'male01:22:30.581510
7 MileChris CannavaroProne (All)male01:22:55.69161
7 MileJody OdellOC-1male01:23:12.50171
7 MileTony PetersSUP 14'male01:25:36.831811
7 MileJeff LondonSUP 14'male01:26:24.021912
7 MileQuenton JohnstonSUP 12'6"male01:27:13.70202
7 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male01:27:15.592113
7 MileGordon PennebakerSUP 14'male01:27:54.392214
7 MileAmy ClarkSUP 12'6"female01:28:33.48232
7 MileMichael CastelvecchiSUP 14'male01:29:15.312415
7 MileSteve FisherSUP 14'male01:30:38.122516
7 MileJennifer CovingtonSUP 12'6"female01:31:20.33263
7 MileAmanda ReinhardtSUP 12'6"female01:32:03.12274
7 MileDanielle GoldstonSUP 12'6"female01:32:07.35285
7 MileHunter MurraySUP 14'male01:34:35.592917
7 MileGrace MetzgarSUP 14'female01:34:58.61301
7 MilePatrick CarverProne (All)male01:35:16.54312
7 MileIan ClarkSUP 12'6"male01:39:35.26323
7 MileJoseph GillianSUP 14'male01:42:00.343318
7 MileZander MurraySUP 14'male01:50:17.533419
7 MileMichelle BeattySUP 12'6"female01:51:12.12356

Rock Island Paddle Rampage – Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Rock Island Paddle Rampage! Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system.  Congrats to all!

8 races down, 1 more to go… where do you stand? View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male2:18:0031
Ben FribergSUP 14'male2:19:0342
Larry HillSUP 14'male2:28:2463
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male2:29:5274
Brendan SweetmanSUP Unlimitedmale2:31:0381
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female2:33:4791
Tommy CostSUP 14'male2:35:59105
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male2:36:14116
Tommy LucSUP 14'male2:44:38157
Mike IwashitaSUP 14'male2:49:55168
Dan HenrySUP 14'male2:51:01179
Hannah ElrodSUP 12'6"female2:52:45182
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male2:53:071910
Leigh LinhossSUP 12'6"female3:01:03213
Crystal HenrySUP 12'6"female3:09:16224
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female3:14:08235
Allison HughesSUP 12'6"female3:24:41246
Matthew SilveySUP 14'male3:28:122511
Cindy SorciSUP 14'female3:30:14261
Dawn HjelsethSUP 12'6"female3:33:16277
Melissa CashSUP 12'6"female4:01:03288
Justin CashSUP 14'male4:19:122912

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male0:45:4311
Chris MurphySUP 14'male0:47:5122
Paul DardenSUP 14'male0:48:3833
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male0:50:1244
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male0:50:3355
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male0:50:5666
Jesse ByersSUP 12'6"male0:51:3571
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male0:52:4087
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male0:53:1398
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:53:26101
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male0:54:30112
Travis CampbellSUP 14'male0:56:05129
Joel NachtigalSUP 12'6"male0:56:26133
Rangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male0:57:04144
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female0:58:17152
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female0:59:12161
Tony ProsSUP 14'male1:00:331710
Sarah MilkieSUP 12'6"female1:05:40183
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female1:06:30191
Joy RiddleSUP 12'6"female1:10:57204
Cheryl GattoSUP 12'6"female1:15:09215
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male1:15:15221
Kaila RiddleSUP 14'female1:17:34232

Rock Island Paddle Rampage FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
4 MileCam AtchleySUP 14'male00:45:42.9011
4 MileChris MurphySUP 14'male00:47:51.0822
4 MilePaul DardenSUP 14'male00:48:37.5733
4 MileBruce FranksSUP 14'male00:50:12.1544
4 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'male00:50:33.3755
4 MileJayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:50:55.6066
4 MileJesse ByersSUP 12'6"male00:51:35.0871
4 MileBubba SloanSUP 14'male00:52:39.6587
4 MileJerry JonesSUP 14'male00:53:13.0098
4 MileMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:53:25.97101
4 MileJulian DesprezSUP 12'6"male00:54:30.04112
4 MileTravis CampbellSUP 14'male00:56:04.60129
4 MileJoel NachtigalSUP 12'6"male00:56:25.99133
4 MileRangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male00:57:03.99144
4 MileAngie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:58:17.43152
4 MileLindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:59:11.63161
4 MileTony ProsSUP 14'male01:00:33.391710
4 MileSarah MilkieSUP 12'6"female01:05:40.21183
4 MileEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female01:06:30.19191
4 MileJoy RiddleSUP 12'6"female01:10:56.92204
4 MileCheryl GattoSUP 12'6"female01:15:09.03215
4 MileJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male01:15:14.79221
4 MileKaila RiddleSUP 14'female01:17:34.26232
14 MileCory HallSurfski Singlemale02:00:39.9111
14 MilePete Van WaverenSurfski Singlemale02:16:07.9622
14 MileEric BednorzSUP 14'male02:18:00.1731
14 MileBen FribergSUP 14'male02:19:03.1842
14 MileMuril RobertsonSurfski Singlemale02:25:15.0453
14 MileLarry HillSUP 14'male02:28:23.8363
14 MileJason HjelsethSUP 14'male02:29:52.0874
14 MileBrendan SweetmanSUP Unlimitedmale02:31:03.4781
14 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female02:33:46.9991
14 MileTommy CostSUP 14'male02:35:58.55105
14 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male02:36:14.12116
14 MileJoe StiblerKayak under 16'male02:37:58.39121
14 MileRohn PiazzaKayak under 16'male02:41:42.64132
14 MileNancy PackardSurfski Singlefemale02:42:16.23141
14 MileTommy LucSUP 14'male02:44:37.77157
14 MileMike IwashitaSUP 14'male02:49:54.64168
14 MileDan HenrySUP 14'male02:51:00.98179
14 MileHannah ElrodSUP 12'6"female02:52:45.32182
14 MilePeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male02:53:06.671910
14 MileAdrienne AndersonKayak under 16'female02:59:03.30201
14 MileLeigh LinhossSUP 12'6"female03:01:03.48213
14 MileCrystal HenrySUP 12'6"female03:09:16.14224
14 MileLynn DubleSUP 12'6"female03:14:08.05235
14 MileAllison HughesSUP 12'6"female03:24:40.82246
14 MileMatthew SilveySUP 14'male03:28:11.512511
14 MileCindy SorciSUP 14'female03:30:14.05261
14 MileDawn HjelsethSUP 12'6"female03:33:15.93277
14 MileMelissa CashSUP 12'6"female04:01:02.60288
14 MileJustin CashSUP 14'male04:19:11.832912

Only 2 races left!

For Full Standing Results visit the 2017 Standings Page

Just two more races in the series.  Some pretty crazy thing could happen in the Men’s 14 Long course by the end of the series!  As it stands now we have:

1 – Trev – 7 points
2 – Ben – 15 points
3 – Larry – 21 points
Eric, Rand, or Jason could shake up 2nd and 3rd place if they can get to the next 2 races!

For the Men’s 12’6 Long course, the standings are:

1 – Ryan – 6 points
2 – June – 14 points
3 – Mel – 16 points
This could change, but most likely will remain through the rest of the series.

For the Women’s 12’6 Long Course, the standings are:

1 – Kim Hillhouse – 5 points
2 – Korey Montgomery – 13 points

And in the Short course categories we have a nail-bitter going on with the Women’s 12’6, as it stands now, we have:

1 – Megan – 6 points
2 – Lynn – 8 points
If either of the girls make it to the next two races, they could drop their highest scores, meaning this ain’t over yet!

The following are shoe-ins for the rest of the season:

Men’s 14
1 – Mitch – 6 points

Women’s 14
1- Lindsey – 6 points

Men’s SUP Under 12’6
1 – Jack – 27 points

Women’s SUP Under 12’6
1 – Emmey – 17 points

Be sure to register for the Rock Island Paddle Rampage and the Lake Murray Paddle Classic!


Gun Island Chute SUP Cup – Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Gun Island Chute SUP Cup! Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system – your DIVISION rank is based on OVERALL in category (NO AGE GROUP).

7 races down, 2 more to go… where do you stand? View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Garrett FletcherSUP 14'male1:00:3711
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male1:00:5722
Zach RounsavilleSUP 14'male1:02:3133
Ben FribergSUP 14'male1:02:5944
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:06:3355
Darrell Horton IiSUP 14'male1:07:1566
Zane AsselinSUP 14'male1:07:1577
Chris IronsSUP 14'male1:07:3388
Tomas PecinkaSUP 14'male1:07:5199
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:08:19101
Jack BartlettSUP 14'male1:08:471110
Avery AinsworthSUP 14'male1:09:171211
Gabriel PereiraSUP 12'6"male1:09:25131
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:09:29142
Butch GregorySUP 14'male1:11:241512
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male1:11:401613
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male1:12:001714
Mike IwashitaSUP 14'male1:12:361815
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:13:331916
Steve AldenSUP 14'male1:14:302017
Brett McmastersSUP 14'male1:14:482118
Phil AsselinSUP 14'male1:15:262219
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:16:382320
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:27:13242
Hannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female1:34:48253

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Maciej GuzikSUP 14'male00:32:41.7511
Stefan HalushkaSUP 14'male00:35:02.1022
Sean DicksonSUP 14'male00:35:59.0933
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:36:41.6044
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:37:33.7255
Paige SpillerSUP 14'female00:38:22.4761
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:39:21.4671
Eric OlinsSUP 12'6"male00:39:36.9581
Jeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male00:39:47.9891
Marc RounsavilleSUP 14'male00:41:47.07106
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:43:13.54112
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:45:34.82122
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female00:48:16.72131
Lindsey SmithSUP 12'6"female00:49:40.83143
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male00:57:46.74152
Jay BeechSUP Under 12'6"male00:59:01.20163

Gun Island Chute SUP Cup FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
1 MileDirk MccallSUP Under 12'6"male0:08:5611
1 MileElisabeth MccallSUP Under 12'6"female0:10:4821
1 MileMike PayneSUP 12'6"male0:11:1231
1 MileMette MccallSUP Under 12'6"female0:11:2742
1 MileBrandi WyattSUP Under 12'6"female0:11:5353
1 MileZhe ChenSUP 12'6"male0:12:2062
3 MileMaciej GuzikSUP 14'male0:32:4211
3 MileStefan HalushkaSUP 14'male0:35:0222
3 MileSean DicksonSUP 14'male0:35:5933
3 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'male0:36:4244
3 MileJayson WoodsSUP 14'male0:37:3455
3 MilePaige SpillerSUP 14'female0:38:2261
3 MileMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:39:2171
3 MileEric OlinsSUP 12'6"male0:39:3781
3 MileJeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male0:39:4891
3 MileMarc RounsavilleSUP 14'male0:41:47106
3 MileAngie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female0:43:14112
3 MileJoe StiblerSUP 12'6"male0:45:35122
3 MileEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female0:48:17131
3 MileLindsey SmithSUP 12'6"female0:49:41143
3 MileJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male0:57:47152
3 MileJay BeechSUP Under 12'6"male0:59:01163
6 MileGarrett FletcherSUP 14'male1:00:3711
6 MileEric BednorzSUP 14'male1:00:5722
6 MileZach RounsavilleSUP 14'male1:02:3133
6 MileBen FribergSUP 14'male1:02:5944
6 MileLarry HillSUP 14'male1:06:3355
6 MileDarrell Horton IiSUP 14'male1:07:1566
6 MileZane AsselinSUP 14'male1:07:1577
6 MileChris IronsSUP 14'male1:07:3388
6 MileTomas PecinkaSUP 14'male1:07:5199
6 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:08:19101
6 MileJack BartlettSUP 14'male1:08:471110
6 MileAvery AinsworthSUP 14'male1:09:171211
6 MileGabriel PereiraSUP 12'6"male1:09:25131
6 MileRyan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:09:29142
6 MileButch GregorySUP 14'male1:11:241512
6 MileTed NelsonSUP 14'male1:11:401613
6 MileJacob CroxSUP 14'male1:12:001714
6 MileMike IwashitaSUP 14'male1:12:361815
6 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:13:331916
6 MileSteve AldenSUP 14'male1:14:302017
6 MileBrett McmastersSUP 14'male1:14:482118
6 MilePhil AsselinSUP 14'male1:15:262219
6 MilePeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:16:382320
6 MileKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:27:13242
6 MileHannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female1:34:48253

Music City SUP and Kayak Race

📷: Hector Mendoza

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Music City SUP and Kayak Race! Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system – your DIVISION rank is based on OVERALL in category (NO AGE GROUP).

6 races down, 3 more to go… where do you stand? View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male01:06:00.4471
Ben FribergSUP 14'male01:06:01.3282
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male01:10:45.44103
Larry HillSUP 14'male01:10:53.24114
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male01:11:58.79121
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male01:13:09.30145
Michael WestenbergerSUP 12'6"male01:13:15.67152
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female01:13:21.16161
Jereme DeesSUP 14'male01:14:50.10186
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male01:16:27.30207
Brendan SweetmanSUP 14'male01:16:58.79218
Frank DreilingSUP 14'male01:17:11.69229
Hugh BrooksSUP 14'male01:18:59.082310
Audun HansenSUP 14'male01:20:13.832511
Eric HallSUP 12'6"male01:20:25.40263
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male01:21:18.75284
Scott BrissonSUP 14'male01:21:51.852912
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male01:22:00.333013
Sarah PerrottoSUP 14'female01:22:57.14311
Hicks PoorSUP 12'6"male01:24:06.92325
Mike NuallaSUP 12'6"male01:24:16.12336
Lindsay FordSUP 12'6"female01:25:08.08342
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male01:26:16.903514
Scott BoyteSUP 14'male01:26:25.723615
Karin HelfmannSUP 14'female01:27:56.84372
Gerald HamiltonSUP Unlimitedmale01:27:57.57381
Tammy PerkinsSUP 14'female01:29:18.15393
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female01:29:34.76403
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male01:33:14.594116
Janelle GallagherSUP 14'female01:37:29.32434
Jana LucasSUP 12'6"female01:48:20.50444
Mary OrrSUP Surfboardfemale01:52:27.34451

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:24:29.4711
Mike IwashitaSUP 12'6"male00:24:56.3121
Thomas HollandSUP 14'male00:25:16.1532
Jeremy JustSUP 14'male00:26:08.7843
Thomas HillSUP 14'male00:27:16.9654
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:27:39.4861
Chris MurphySUP Surfboardmale00:27:44.1471
Richard DerrySUP 14'male00:27:46.6685
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female00:27:56.0992
Katie BrittSUP 12'6"female00:28:21.94103
Tony ProsSUP 14'male00:28:24.25116
Brian JohnsonSUP 14'male00:28:37.25127
Damien AyalaSUP Surfboardmale00:28:45.07132
Glenn WadeSUP 14'male00:28:52.28148
Joey FrankSUP 14'male00:29:02.92159
Joseph ReillySUP 12'6"male00:29:05.24162
Jake VeyhlSUP 12'6"male00:29:07.23173
Matthew SilveySUP 14'male00:29:58.251810
Susan CostSUP 12'6"female00:30:00.67194
Bob DiehlSUP Surfboardmale00:30:14.33203
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:30:55.35215
Rangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male00:31:00.79224
Katy ClarkeSUP 12'6"female00:31:11.64236
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:31:40.89241
Megan GillonSUP Surfboardfemale00:31:44.95251
Brent GabeleSUP Surfboardmale00:31:49.60264
Sarah MilkieSUP Surfboardfemale00:32:11.88272
Kathy RogersSUP 12'6"female00:32:46.71287
Jordan SlaughterSUP Surfboardmale00:32:49.33295
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:32:57.85305
Emmye CherrySUP Surfboardfemale00:33:15.98313
Helena ChampagneSUP 12'6"female00:33:43.46328
Haley BerlSUP Surfboardfemale00:33:45.74334
Kate CostSUP 12'6"female00:34:19.37349
Cody ScottSUP 12'6"male00:34:51.58356
Gillyen DemersSUP 12'6"female00:35:43.353710
Jennah WaveSUP Surfboardfemale00:36:19.32395
Brianna LelandSUP 14'female00:37:38.27402
Jack FitzstevensSUP Surfboardmale00:39:18.17416
Amy GillonSUP Surfboardfemale00:40:07.69426
Lexie DunnSUP Surfboardfemale00:40:16.73437
Joy RiddleSUP 14'female00:40:19.19443
Andee RudloffSUP Surfboardfemale00:51:26.61458

Music City SUP and Kayak Race FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftAge GroupGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
1 mileEmilie SchrammKayakU17female00:15:36.2911
1 mileXavier HyltonSUP (All)U17male00:24:40.6721
1 mileReeve GabeleSUP (All)U17male00:25:11.0132
1 mileGrace HollandSUP (All)U17male00:26:26.1843
1 mileAlexis BarberSUP (All)U17female00:35:57.0051
2 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'Openmale00:24:29.4711
2 MileMike IwashitaSUP 12'6"Openmale00:24:56.3121
2 MileThomas HollandSUP 14'Openmale00:25:16.1532
2 MileJeremy JustSUP 14'Openmale00:26:08.7843
2 MileThomas HillSUP 14'U17male00:27:16.9651
2 MileMegan SmithSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:27:39.4861
2 MileChris MurphySUP SurfboardOpenmale00:27:44.1471
2 MileRichard DerrySUP 14'Openmale00:27:46.6684
2 MileLynn DubleSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:27:56.0992
2 MileKatie BrittSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:28:21.94103
2 MileTony ProsSUP 14'Openmale00:28:24.25115
2 MileBrian JohnsonSUP 14'Openmale00:28:37.25126
2 MileDamien AyalaSUP SurfboardOpenmale00:28:45.07132
2 MileGlenn WadeSUP 14'Openmale00:28:52.28147
2 MileJoey FrankSUP 14'U17male00:29:02.92152
2 MileJoseph ReillySUP 12'6"Openmale00:29:05.24162
2 MileJake VeyhlSUP 12'6"Openmale00:29:07.23173
2 MileMatthew SilveySUP 14'Openmale00:29:58.25188
2 MileSusan CostSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:30:00.67194
2 MileBob DiehlSUP SurfboardOpenmale00:30:14.33203
2 MileAngie NicollettaSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:30:55.35215
2 MileRangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"U17male00:31:00.79221
2 MileKaty ClarkeSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:31:11.64236
2 MileLindsey SmithSUP 14'Openfemale00:31:40.89241
2 MileMegan GillonSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:31:44.95251
2 MileBrent GabeleSUP SurfboardOpenmale00:31:49.60264
2 MileSarah MilkieSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:32:11.88272
2 MileKathy RogersSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:32:46.71287
2 MileJordan SlaughterSUP SurfboardOpenmale00:32:49.33295
2 MileJoe StiblerSUP 12'6"Openmale00:32:57.85304
2 MileEmmye CherrySUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:33:15.98313
2 MileHelena ChampagneSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:33:43.46328
2 MileHaley BerlSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:33:45.74334
2 MileKate CostSUP 12'6"U17female00:34:19.37341
2 MileCody ScottSUP 12'6"Openmale00:34:51.58355
2 MileJennifer MurrellKayakOpenfemale00:35:40.61361
2 MileGillyen DemersSUP 12'6"Openfemale00:35:43.35379
2 MileEmma SacksKayakU17female00:36:13.42381
2 MileJennah WaveSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:36:19.32395
2 MileBrianna LelandSUP 14'Openfemale00:37:38.27402
2 MileJack FitzstevensSUP SurfboardU17male00:39:18.17411
2 MileAmy GillonSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:40:07.69426
2 MileLexie DunnSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:40:16.73437
2 MileJoy RiddleSUP 14'Openfemale00:40:19.19443
2 MileAndee RudloffSUP SurfboardOpenfemale00:51:26.61458
6 MileWilliam CumminsKayakOpenmale00:51:38.3911
6 MileElmore HolmesKayakOpenmale00:51:39.8522
6 MileTed BurnellKayakOpenmale00:53:15.4733
6 MileAdam DavisKayakOpenmale00:57:36.7644
6 MileHenry LawrenceKayakOpenmale00:57:44.5155
6 MilePedro GaperoKayakOpenmale01:05:53.6566
6 MileTrevor MotzSUP 14'Openmale01:06:00.4471
6 MileBen FribergSUP 14'Openmale01:06:01.3282
6 MileMuril RobertsonKayakOpenmale01:09:45.0597
6 MileJason HjelsethSUP 14'Openmale01:10:45.44103
6 MileLarry HillSUP 14'Openmale01:10:53.24114
6 MileRyan FullertonSUP 12'6"Openmale01:11:58.79121
6 MileDavid SacksKayakOpenmale01:12:08.18138
6 MileCam AtchleySUP 14'Openmale01:13:09.30145
6 MileMichael WestenbergerSUP 12'6"Openmale01:13:15.67152
6 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"Openfemale01:13:21.16161
6 MileMardae WeaverKayakOpenmale01:14:14.56179
6 MileJereme DeesSUP 14'Openmale01:14:50.10186
6 MileNancy PackardKayakOpenfemale01:16:17.21191
6 MileTed NelsonSUP 14'Openmale01:16:27.30207
6 MileBrendan SweetmanSUP 14'Openmale01:16:58.79218
6 MileFrank DreilingSUP 14'Openmale01:17:11.69229
6 MileHugh BrooksSUP 14'Openmale01:18:59.082310
6 MileMike AlanKayakOpenmale01:20:08.832410
6 MileAudun HansenSUP 14'Openmale01:20:13.832511
6 MileEric HallSUP 12'6"Openmale01:20:25.40263
6 MileTom ChristensenKayakOpenmale01:20:29.722711
6 MileJune MizoguchiSUP 12'6"Openmale01:21:18.75284
6 MileScott BrissonSUP 14'Openmale01:21:51.852912
6 MilePeter ShimpenoSUP 14'Openmale01:22:00.333013
6 MileSarah PerrottoSUP 14'Openfemale01:22:57.14311
6 MileHicks PoorSUP 12'6"Openmale01:24:06.92325
6 MileMike NuallaSUP 12'6"Openmale01:24:16.12336
6 MileLindsay FordSUP 12'6"Openfemale01:25:08.08342
6 MileJerry JonesSUP 14'Openmale01:26:16.903514
6 MileScott BoyteSUP 14'Openmale01:26:25.723615
6 MileKarin HelfmannSUP 14'Openfemale01:27:56.84372
6 MileGerald HamiltonSUP UnlimitedOpenmale01:27:57.57381
6 MileTammy PerkinsSUP 14'Openfemale01:29:18.15393
6 MileKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"Openfemale01:29:34.76403
6 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'Openmale01:33:14.594116
6 MileCharles Westrip, Charlie WestripTandem KayakOpenmale01:35:39.25421
6 MileJanelle GallagherSUP 14'Openfemale01:37:29.32434
6 MileJana LucasSUP 12'6"Openfemale01:48:20.50444
6 MileMary OrrSUP SurfboardOpenfemale01:52:27.34451