Board Categories for the 2018 Season

Board Categories for the 2018 Season

Thank you to those who took the time to fill out the survey on board categories and age groups. Based on the survey results and comments, we plan to keep the series, for the most part, as it has been in the past.

We understand that a change to board classes for the Long Course would have been an unfair financial burden to the few that may have felt compelled to switch board sizes with just a few months notice. The series is not part of a National or International governing body, nor do its races count for points on any pro level. We are a large group of hard core athletes, weekend warriors, casual paddlers, and first timers. Our series has an awesome vibe that is attributed to each and everyone of you! Let’s keep the Southern Stoke afire! Be sure to check out the complete rules and categories for the 2018 season.

Change is inevitable. As we race this 2018 season, let’s discuss among ourselves how best we might tackle this change. Be open to the possibility of the series changing to a 14′ and under format for the Long Course races only 2019 season.

We will be adding an Open or “Run what you brung” in the long course races only. Although our roots are in SUP, we’d like to include all paddle craft. Get more information on the open category and other rules on the Series Points page.

Below are the results of the survey (Keep in mind that some of the responses included variations of the 14′ & under and 12’6 combinations…)

Age Groups

We heard ya loud and clear!  You want Age Groups!  So do we!  But until the series grows to support it, we can’t justify it.  Invite all your friends and neighbors – spread the stoke!  The more people that race, the more categories we can have!  No one wants to be the winner of a class of one! Keep in mind, individual race directors have the choice to add age groups to their races — points will be converted to “over all” for the series.  So if you won 1st place in 50+ 14′ long race, but some young gun smoked ya leaving you in 2nd overall, you’d get a “2” next to your name in the series points for that race.

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