Livin Lush Cup Results

Livin Lush Cup Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Livin Lush Cup!  Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system – your DIVISION rank is based on OVERALL in category (NO AGE GROUP).

5 races down, 4 more to go… where do you stand?  View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male01:15:57.9611
Ben FribergSUP 14'male01:15:59.7522
Jeremy WhittedSUP 14'male01:16:02.2533
Rand PerkinsSUP 14'male01:16:16.6144
Larry HillSUP 14'male01:19:47.6155
Frank DreilingSUP 14'male01:20:50.9076
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female01:21:47.4581
Tommy CostSUP 14'male01:22:35.4297
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male01:23:56.82108
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male01:24:38.17119
Morgan CrawfordSUP 14'male01:25:09.481210
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male01:25:43.691311
Kurt WeigandSUP 14'male01:26:23.101412
Audun HansenSUP 14'male01:27:41.311513
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male01:27:49.84171
Hal TurnerSUP 14'male01:27:59.261814
Jesse ByersSUP 12'6"male01:28:32.59192
Michael CastelvecchiSUP 14'male01:29:08.252015
Nick JimenezSUP 14'male01:29:10.782116
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male01:29:21.62223
Rachel MontgomerySUP 14'female01:35:59.05251
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female01:36:57.69262
Christine SippleSUP 12'6"female01:48:59.67273

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:23:39.3511
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female00:23:59.3922
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:24:00.0031
Jeremy JustSUP 14'male00:24:00.0041
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:24:00.0051
Thomas HillSUP 14'male00:24:22.7762
Ashley KellerSUP 12'6"female00:24:31.6173
J Doug KellerSUP 14'male00:25:14.2183
Craig BittnerSUP Under 12'6"male00:25:15.4391
Robert StreetSUP Under 12'6"male00:25:58.01102
Bob DiehlSUP Under 12'6"male00:26:01.04113
Susan CostSUP 12'6"female00:26:40.89124
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:26:46.00131
Ashley CastelvecchiSUP 12'6"female00:27:18.03145
Kate CostSUP 12'6"female00:27:33.27156
Tricia ErpeldingSUP Under 12'6"female00:27:45.81161
Carter SechrestSUP Under 12'6"male00:27:50.27174
Jodi VealSUP 12'6"female00:28:08.41187
Cara Mia PintoSUP 12'6"female00:28:16.20198
Mel WhaleySUP 12'6"female00:28:35.59209
Jeff AndersonSUP Under 12'6"male00:28:55.15215
Cyndy CaravelisSUP 12'6"female00:29:26.902210
Annie DollarhideSUP Under 12'6"female00:29:42.44232
Sarah VallelySUP Under 12'6"female00:30:23.80243
Laura StreetSUP Under 12'6"female00:30:28.04254
Kelly SchuelerSUP Under 12'6"female00:30:29.75265
Clay CooperSUP Under 12'6"male00:31:28.99276
Sylvia DollarhideSUP Under 12'6"female00:31:48.05286
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:32:52.94291
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male00:33:23.40307
Nadine MccormickSUP Under 12'6"female00:33:56.95317
Michelle HolmesSUP Under 12'6"female00:34:02.80328
Lois ReedSUP 12'6"female00:34:29.193311
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female00:37:43.29349
Mckenna ReedSUP Under 12'6"female00:39:52.273510
Shari GarrettSUP Under 12'6"female00:41:21.933611

Lvin Lush Cup FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
2 Mile SUP CourseMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:23:39.3511
2 Mile SUP CourseLynn DubleSUP 12'6"female00:23:59.3922
2 Mile SUP CourseJayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:24:00.0031
2 Mile SUP CourseJeremy JustSUP 14'male00:24:00.0041
2 Mile SUP CourseMitch CherrySUP 14'male00:24:00.0051
2 Mile SUP CourseThomas HillSUP 14'male00:24:22.7762
2 Mile SUP CourseAshley KellerSUP 12'6"female00:24:31.6173
2 Mile SUP CourseJ Doug KellerSUP 14'male00:25:14.2183
2 Mile SUP CourseCraig BittnerSUP Under 12'6"male00:25:15.4391
2 Mile SUP CourseRobert StreetSUP Under 12'6"male00:25:58.01102
2 Mile SUP CourseBob DiehlSUP Under 12'6"male00:26:01.04113
2 Mile SUP CourseSusan CostSUP 12'6"female00:26:40.89124
2 Mile SUP CourseLindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:26:46.00131
2 Mile SUP CourseAshley CastelvecchiSUP 12'6"female00:27:18.03145
17 Under 2 Mile SUP CourseKate CostSUP (All)female00:27:33.27151
2 Mile SUP CourseTricia ErpeldingSUP Under 12'6"female00:27:45.81161
2 Mile SUP CourseCarter SechrestSUP Under 12'6"male00:27:50.27174
2 Mile SUP CourseJodi VealSUP 12'6"female00:28:08.41186
2 Mile SUP CourseCara Mia PintoSUP 12'6"female00:28:16.20197
2 Mile SUP CourseMel WhaleySUP 12'6"female00:28:35.59208
2 Mile SUP CourseJeff AndersonSUP Under 12'6"male00:28:55.15215
2 Mile SUP CourseCyndy CaravelisSUP 12'6"female00:29:26.90229
2 Mile SUP CourseAnnie DollarhideSUP Under 12'6"female00:29:42.44232
2 Mile SUP CourseSarah VallelySUP Under 12'6"female00:30:23.80243
2 Mile SUP CourseLaura StreetSUP Under 12'6"female00:30:28.04254
2 Mile SUP CourseKelly SchuelerSUP Under 12'6"female00:30:29.75265
2 Mile SUP CourseClay CooperSUP Under 12'6"male00:31:28.99276
2 Mile SUP CourseSylvia DollarhideSUP Under 12'6"female00:31:48.05286
2 Mile SUP CourseJoe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:32:52.94291
17 Under 2 Mile SUP CourseJack FitzstevensSUP (All)male00:33:23.40301
2 Mile SUP CourseNadine MccormickSUP Under 12'6"female00:33:56.95317
2 Mile SUP CourseMichelle HolmesSUP Under 12'6"female00:34:02.80328
2 Mile SUP CourseLois ReedSUP 12'6"female00:34:29.193310
2 Mile SUP CourseEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female00:37:43.29349
17 Under 2 Mile SUP CourseMckenna ReedSUP (All)female00:39:52.27352
2 Mile SUP CourseShari GarrettSUP Under 12'6"female00:41:21.933610
6 Mile SUP CourseTrevor MotzSUP 14'male01:15:57.9611
6 Mile SUP CourseBen FribergSUP 14'male01:15:59.7522
6 Mile SUP CourseJeremy WhittedSUP 14'male01:16:02.2533
6 Mile SUP CourseRand PerkinsSUP 14'male01:16:16.6144
6 Mile SUP CourseLarry HillSUP 14'male01:19:47.6155
6 Mile Kayak Time TrialJim MartinKayakmale01:20:50.2161
6 Mile SUP CourseFrank DreilingSUP 14'male01:20:50.9076
6 Mile SUP CourseKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female01:21:47.4581
6 Mile SUP CourseTommy CostSUP 14'male01:22:35.4297
6 Mile SUP CourseTed NelsonSUP 14'male01:23:56.82108
6 Mile SUP CourseCam AtchleySUP 14'male01:24:38.17119
6 Mile SUP CourseMorgan CrawfordSUP 14'male01:25:09.481210
6 Mile SUP CoursePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male01:25:43.691311
6 Mile SUP CourseKurt WeigandSUP 14'male01:26:23.101412
6 Mile SUP CourseAudun HansenSUP 14'male01:27:41.311513
6 Mile Kayak Time TrialSam WhismanKayakmale01:27:47.68162
6 Mile SUP CourseLhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male01:27:49.84171
6 Mile SUP CourseHal TurnerSUP 14'male01:27:59.261814
6 Mile SUP CourseJesse ByersSUP 12'6"male01:28:32.59192
6 Mile SUP CourseMichael CastelvecchiSUP 14'male01:29:08.252015
6 Mile SUP CourseNick JimenezSUP 14'male01:29:10.782116
6 Mile SUP CourseJune MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male01:29:21.62223
6 Mile Kayak Time TrialAdrienne AndersonKayakfemale01:32:53.24231
6 Mile Kayak Time TrialTeresa KoeslerKayakfemale01:35:30.70242
6 Mile SUP CourseRachel MontgomerySUP 14'female01:35:59.05251
6 Mile SUP CourseKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female01:36:57.69262
6 Mile SUP CourseChristine SippleSUP 12'6"female01:48:59.67273

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