Rock Island Paddle Rampage – Results

Rock Island Paddle Rampage – Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Rock Island Paddle Rampage! Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system.  Congrats to all!

8 races down, 1 more to go… where do you stand? View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male2:18:0031
Ben FribergSUP 14'male2:19:0342
Larry HillSUP 14'male2:28:2463
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male2:29:5274
Brendan SweetmanSUP Unlimitedmale2:31:0381
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female2:33:4791
Tommy CostSUP 14'male2:35:59105
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male2:36:14116
Tommy LucSUP 14'male2:44:38157
Mike IwashitaSUP 14'male2:49:55168
Dan HenrySUP 14'male2:51:01179
Hannah ElrodSUP 12'6"female2:52:45182
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male2:53:071910
Leigh LinhossSUP 12'6"female3:01:03213
Crystal HenrySUP 12'6"female3:09:16224
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female3:14:08235
Allison HughesSUP 12'6"female3:24:41246
Matthew SilveySUP 14'male3:28:122511
Cindy SorciSUP 14'female3:30:14261
Dawn HjelsethSUP 12'6"female3:33:16277
Melissa CashSUP 12'6"female4:01:03288
Justin CashSUP 14'male4:19:122912

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male0:45:4311
Chris MurphySUP 14'male0:47:5122
Paul DardenSUP 14'male0:48:3833
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male0:50:1244
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male0:50:3355
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male0:50:5666
Jesse ByersSUP 12'6"male0:51:3571
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male0:52:4087
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male0:53:1398
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:53:26101
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male0:54:30112
Travis CampbellSUP 14'male0:56:05129
Joel NachtigalSUP 12'6"male0:56:26133
Rangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male0:57:04144
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female0:58:17152
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female0:59:12161
Tony ProsSUP 14'male1:00:331710
Sarah MilkieSUP 12'6"female1:05:40183
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female1:06:30191
Joy RiddleSUP 12'6"female1:10:57204
Cheryl GattoSUP 12'6"female1:15:09215
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male1:15:15221
Kaila RiddleSUP 14'female1:17:34232

Rock Island Paddle Rampage FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
4 MileCam AtchleySUP 14'male00:45:42.9011
4 MileChris MurphySUP 14'male00:47:51.0822
4 MilePaul DardenSUP 14'male00:48:37.5733
4 MileBruce FranksSUP 14'male00:50:12.1544
4 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'male00:50:33.3755
4 MileJayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:50:55.6066
4 MileJesse ByersSUP 12'6"male00:51:35.0871
4 MileBubba SloanSUP 14'male00:52:39.6587
4 MileJerry JonesSUP 14'male00:53:13.0098
4 MileMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:53:25.97101
4 MileJulian DesprezSUP 12'6"male00:54:30.04112
4 MileTravis CampbellSUP 14'male00:56:04.60129
4 MileJoel NachtigalSUP 12'6"male00:56:25.99133
4 MileRangituwaho SweetmanSUP 12'6"male00:57:03.99144
4 MileAngie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:58:17.43152
4 MileLindsey SmithSUP 14'female00:59:11.63161
4 MileTony ProsSUP 14'male01:00:33.391710
4 MileSarah MilkieSUP 12'6"female01:05:40.21183
4 MileEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female01:06:30.19191
4 MileJoy RiddleSUP 12'6"female01:10:56.92204
4 MileCheryl GattoSUP 12'6"female01:15:09.03215
4 MileJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male01:15:14.79221
4 MileKaila RiddleSUP 14'female01:17:34.26232
14 MileCory HallSurfski Singlemale02:00:39.9111
14 MilePete Van WaverenSurfski Singlemale02:16:07.9622
14 MileEric BednorzSUP 14'male02:18:00.1731
14 MileBen FribergSUP 14'male02:19:03.1842
14 MileMuril RobertsonSurfski Singlemale02:25:15.0453
14 MileLarry HillSUP 14'male02:28:23.8363
14 MileJason HjelsethSUP 14'male02:29:52.0874
14 MileBrendan SweetmanSUP Unlimitedmale02:31:03.4781
14 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female02:33:46.9991
14 MileTommy CostSUP 14'male02:35:58.55105
14 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male02:36:14.12116
14 MileJoe StiblerKayak under 16'male02:37:58.39121
14 MileRohn PiazzaKayak under 16'male02:41:42.64132
14 MileNancy PackardSurfski Singlefemale02:42:16.23141
14 MileTommy LucSUP 14'male02:44:37.77157
14 MileMike IwashitaSUP 14'male02:49:54.64168
14 MileDan HenrySUP 14'male02:51:00.98179
14 MileHannah ElrodSUP 12'6"female02:52:45.32182
14 MilePeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male02:53:06.671910
14 MileAdrienne AndersonKayak under 16'female02:59:03.30201
14 MileLeigh LinhossSUP 12'6"female03:01:03.48213
14 MileCrystal HenrySUP 12'6"female03:09:16.14224
14 MileLynn DubleSUP 12'6"female03:14:08.05235
14 MileAllison HughesSUP 12'6"female03:24:40.82246
14 MileMatthew SilveySUP 14'male03:28:11.512511
14 MileCindy SorciSUP 14'female03:30:14.05261
14 MileDawn HjelsethSUP 12'6"female03:33:15.93277
14 MileMelissa CashSUP 12'6"female04:01:02.60288
14 MileJustin CashSUP 14'male04:19:11.832912

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