Southern Stoke Paddle Series Race Director Information

Southern Stoke Paddle Series Awards Ceremony in Chattanooga, TN

2017 Awards Ceremony in Chattanooga TN.

The Southern Stoke Paddle Series is a collection of Southeastern outfitters, shops, clubs, event coordinators, municipalities, and volunteers that host paddling events individually. Attendance is supported through a points system that encourages racers from all over the southeast to attend as many races in the Series as possible. Each race director is responsible for his/her own race, which includes (but is not limited to) race branding/logo and marketing materials, facilitating registration, obtaining permits, managing race timing, mapping race courses, establishing vessel classifications, hiring safety personnel, procuring food, awards, and promotional items, etc.

By joining the Series, you will receive a discounted group insurance rate, access to 1000+ enthusiastic paddlers, and a board of volunteers that will govern and facilitate the administration of the Series elements for your race. The board sets the rules and the race schedule, negotiates the group insurance, manages the Series website, tallies the Series points, provides additional promotion to each race via the Series website and social media, sends out email blasts to Series racers, provides a social media and internet platform for individual race promotion where you may post announcements for your race registration deadlines, and administers series awards. It is recommended that each race have its own Facebook Event page that you create and manage for detailed announcements and updates. There is an annual membership fee for the Series that covers Series awards, administration and website fees, and an additional fee per race that covers insurance.

The Southern Stoke Paddle Series community is a vibrant group of 1000+ paddlers of all levels, from all over the Southeast, who value healthy living, fellowship, and good fun.


To be considered for the Southern Stoke Paddle Series, the following rules must be accepted:

1. Your event must include at least 2 Stand Up Paddleboard courses, one short (2-3 mi) and one long (6-12+mi). Kids’ or “fun course” or relay or sprint activities are optional.
2. The SUP categories must include at a minimum divisions for Long Course Men and Women 14′ & 12’6, and Short Course Men and Women 14′, 12’6 and SUP Under 12’6.
3. You must provide a food meal for the racers (ie. lunch or dinner, not just bananas and water at the start).
4. A minimum of 2 safety boats are required (preferably, one of those provided by local authorities).
5. Legitimate physical awards must be provided for podium finishers (no paper certificates).
6. You must provide free entry to past series winners via coupon codes provided by the series if they select your race to use their winner coupons.
7. You must not charge more than $75 per race entry.
8. You must use the Southern Stoke Paddle Series logo in your marketing and advertising materials and promote the Series at your event.
9. You must allow the Southern Stoke Paddle Series Internet Marketing Director access to your registration and timing platforms to administer coupon codes, and to tally series points.
10. Insurance (approximately $2300, divided evenly across all events in the Series) and membership fees ($300 flat for the year) must be paid up front, no later than March 15th, 2018.

If you are interested in adding your race to the Southern Stoke Paddles Series, we will open the application process for the 2019 season in the Fall of 2018.