Choo Choo Chase Results

Choo Choo Chase Results

Thanks for coming out to the 1st annual Choo Choo Chase River Race in Chattanooga!  Despite the venue change, the location was fabulous!  Calm water and windless conditions sure beat 65K cfs of debris filled flowing river any day!  Thank you Wild Trails for hosting a terrific event.  Kudos to Dottie Hodges for being the glue behind the scenes and the face of the event on race day!  If you are vying for series points you can visit the standings page as the series progresses.

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Trevor MotzSUP 14'male1:09:2381
Ben FribergSUP 14'male1:09:3392
Rand PerkinsSUP 14'male1:11:38113
Jason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:13:44124
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male1:14:36135
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:15:23146
Brendan SweetmanSUP 14'male1:15:39157
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:15:49161
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:17:28171
Tommy CostSUP 14'male1:17:32188
Madison TorrenceSUP 14'male1:19:39199
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male1:20:222010
Cam AtchleySUP 14'male1:20:342111
Eric HallSUP 12'6"male1:22:21222
Lhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:22:30233
June MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:23:08244
Scott BoyteSUP 14'male1:24:112512
Lindsay FordSUP 12'6"female1:24:41262
Steve HallSUP 14'male1:24:512713
Joel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:24:56285
Bubba SloanSUP 14'male1:25:443014
Jerry JonesSUP 14'male1:26:173115
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:28:333216
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:29:553317
Tony TrapaniSUP 14'male1:30:093418
Joe BurnsSUP 14'male1:32:433519
Allison HughesSUP 12'6"female1:33:29363
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:33:40374
Bruce BeldenSUP 14'male1:36:363820
Shawna Del ValleSUP 12'6"female1:36:50395
Dan PoolSUP 14'male1:37:404021
Larry ZumsteinSUP 14'male1:51:264122
Samuel AndersonSUP 14'male1:52:144223
Melissa CashSUP 12'6"female2:14:50436
Justin CashSUP 12'6"male2:15:06446

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Jesse ByersSUP 12'6"male28:34.411
Doug HaynieSUP 14'male29:24.121
Bruce FranksSUP 14'male29:38.432
Thomas HillSUP 14'male30:22.963
Chuck SisunikSUP 14'male30:29.574
Julian DesprezSUP 12'6"male30:36.882
Lynn DubleSUP 12'6"female30:58.391
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female31:43.9102
Rangi SweetmanSUP 14'male31:55.1115
Greg CohenSUP 12'6"male32:00.8123
Steve BittleSUP Under 12'6"male33:17.2131
Jeremy JustSUP Under 12'6"male34:30.8142
Lindsey SmithSUP 14'female35:13.0151
Debbie RennerSUP 12'6"female35:16.4163
Mark SamplSUP Under 12'6"male38:02.9173
Kate CostSUP 12'6"female39:38.4184
Susan CostSUP 12'6"female39:48.2195
Mike MarottaSUP Under 12'6"male40:03.9204
Cricket WalkerSUP Under 12'6"female40:36.7211
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male43:44.9225
Sally SimmonsSUP Under 12'6"female57:27.0232
Lorraine BittleSUP Under 12'6"female57:29.7243

Choo Choo Chase River Race FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Kids CourseZoe HerringAllfemale0:02:2111
Kids CourseMarshall DandelskiAllmale0:03:0821
2.5 MILEJesse ByersSUP 12'6"male0:28:3411
2.5 MILEDoug HaynieSUP 14'male0:29:2421
2.5 MILEBruce FranksSUP 14'male0:29:3832
2.5 MILEMike AlanKayakmale0:29:4141
2.5 MILEKatie BurnsKayakfemale0:30:0451
2.5 MILEThomas HillSUP 14'male0:30:2363
2.5 MILEChuck SisunikSUP 14'male0:30:2974
2.5 MILEJulian DesprezSUP 12'6"male0:30:3782
2.5 MILELynn DubleSUP 12'6"female0:30:5891
2.5 MILEMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:31:44102
2.5 MILERangi SweetmanSUP 14'male0:31:55115
2.5 MILEGreg CohenSUP 12'6"male0:32:01123
2.5 MILESteve BittleSUP Under 12'6"male0:33:17131
2.5 MILEJeremy JustSUP Under 12'6"male0:34:31142
2.5 MILELindsey SmithSUP 14'female0:35:13151
2.5 MILEDebbie RennerSUP 12'6"female0:35:16163
2.5 MILEMark SamplSUP Under 12'6"male0:38:03173
2.5 MILEKate CostSUP 12'6"female0:39:38184
2.5 MILESusan CostSUP 12'6"female0:39:48195
2.5 MILEMike MarottaSUP Under 12'6"male0:40:04204
2.5 MILECricket WalkerSUP Under 12'6"female0:40:37211
2.5 MILEJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male0:43:45225
2.5 MILESally SimmonsSUP Under 12'6"female0:57:27232
2.5 MILELorraine BittleSUP Under 12'6"female0:57:30243
8 MILETed BurnellAllmale0:57:5111
8 MILEWendell MartinAllmale0:57:5222
8 MILEJoseph DichiacchioSurfski Singlemale0:57:5531
8 MILEBryson PoppOC-1male1:04:0541
8 MILEMichael WestenbergerOC-1male1:04:2452
8 MILEMyrlene MarsaSurfski Singlefemale1:05:4361
8 MILEMark PooleSurfski Singlemale1:09:0872
8 MILETrevor MotzSUP 14'male1:09:2381
8 MILEBen FribergSUP 14'male1:09:3392
8 MILESusan BurtnerOC-1female1:09:34101
8 MILERand PerkinsSUP 14'male1:11:38113
8 MILEJason HjelsethSUP 14'male1:13:44124
8 MILEJacob CroxSUP 14'male1:14:36135
8 MILELarry HillSUP 14'male1:15:23146
8 MILEBrendan SweetmanSUP 14'male1:15:39157
8 MILEKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:15:49161
8 MILERyan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:17:28171
8 MILETommy CostSUP 14'male1:17:32188
8 MILEMadison TorrenceSUP 14'male1:19:39199
8 MILETed NelsonSUP 14'male1:20:222010
8 MILECam AtchleySUP 14'male1:20:342111
8 MILEEric HallSUP 12'6"male1:22:21222
8 MILELhimell IgotSUP 12'6"male1:22:30233
8 MILEJune MizoguchiSUP 12'6"male1:23:08244
8 MILEScott BoyteSUP 14'male1:24:112512
8 MILELindsay FordSUP 12'6"female1:24:41262
8 MILESteve HallSUP 14'male1:24:512713
8 MILEJoel HjelsethSUP 12'6"male1:24:56285
8 MILENancy PackardKayakfemale1:25:21291
8 MILEBubba SloanSUP 14'male1:25:443014
8 MILEJerry JonesSUP 14'male1:26:173115
8 MILEPeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:28:333216
8 MILEPete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:29:553317
8 MILETony TrapaniSUP 14'male1:30:093418
8 MILEJoe BurnsSUP 14'male1:32:433519
8 MILEAllison HughesSUP 12'6"female1:33:29363
8 MILEKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:33:40374
8 MILEBruce BeldenSUP 14'male1:36:363820
8 MILEShawna Del ValleSUP 12'6"female1:36:50395
8 MILEDan PoolSUP 14'male1:37:404021
8 MILELarry ZumsteinSUP 14'male1:51:264122
8 MILESamuel AndersonSUP 14'male1:52:144223
8 MILEMelissa CashSUP 12'6"female2:14:50436
8 MILEJustin CashSUP 12'6"male2:15:06446

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