Gun Island Chute SUP Cup – Results

Gun Island Chute SUP Cup – Results

Thanks for coming out and racing in the Gun Island Chute SUP Cup! Your SUP results are tabulated here for Southern Stoke Paddle Series point system – your DIVISION rank is based on OVERALL in category (NO AGE GROUP).

7 races down, 2 more to go… where do you stand? View the 2017 Standings

SUP Long Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Garrett FletcherSUP 14'male1:00:3711
Eric BednorzSUP 14'male1:00:5722
Zach RounsavilleSUP 14'male1:02:3133
Ben FribergSUP 14'male1:02:5944
Larry HillSUP 14'male1:06:3355
Darrell Horton IiSUP 14'male1:07:1566
Zane AsselinSUP 14'male1:07:1577
Chris IronsSUP 14'male1:07:3388
Tomas PecinkaSUP 14'male1:07:5199
Kim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:08:19101
Jack BartlettSUP 14'male1:08:471110
Avery AinsworthSUP 14'male1:09:171211
Gabriel PereiraSUP 12'6"male1:09:25131
Ryan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:09:29142
Butch GregorySUP 14'male1:11:241512
Ted NelsonSUP 14'male1:11:401613
Jacob CroxSUP 14'male1:12:001714
Mike IwashitaSUP 14'male1:12:361815
Pete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:13:331916
Steve AldenSUP 14'male1:14:302017
Brett McmastersSUP 14'male1:14:482118
Phil AsselinSUP 14'male1:15:262219
Peter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:16:382320
Korey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:27:13242
Hannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female1:34:48253

SUP Short Course

Name(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
Maciej GuzikSUP 14'male00:32:41.7511
Stefan HalushkaSUP 14'male00:35:02.1022
Sean DicksonSUP 14'male00:35:59.0933
Mitch CherrySUP 14'male00:36:41.6044
Jayson WoodsSUP 14'male00:37:33.7255
Paige SpillerSUP 14'female00:38:22.4761
Megan SmithSUP 12'6"female00:39:21.4671
Eric OlinsSUP 12'6"male00:39:36.9581
Jeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male00:39:47.9891
Marc RounsavilleSUP 14'male00:41:47.07106
Angie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female00:43:13.54112
Joe StiblerSUP 12'6"male00:45:34.82122
Emmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female00:48:16.72131
Lindsey SmithSUP 12'6"female00:49:40.83143
Jack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male00:57:46.74152
Jay BeechSUP Under 12'6"male00:59:01.20163

Gun Island Chute SUP Cup FULL Results

Event NameName(s)CraftGenderTimeRankDiv Rank
1 MileDirk MccallSUP Under 12'6"male0:08:5611
1 MileElisabeth MccallSUP Under 12'6"female0:10:4821
1 MileMike PayneSUP 12'6"male0:11:1231
1 MileMette MccallSUP Under 12'6"female0:11:2742
1 MileBrandi WyattSUP Under 12'6"female0:11:5353
1 MileZhe ChenSUP 12'6"male0:12:2062
3 MileMaciej GuzikSUP 14'male0:32:4211
3 MileStefan HalushkaSUP 14'male0:35:0222
3 MileSean DicksonSUP 14'male0:35:5933
3 MileMitch CherrySUP 14'male0:36:4244
3 MileJayson WoodsSUP 14'male0:37:3455
3 MilePaige SpillerSUP 14'female0:38:2261
3 MileMegan SmithSUP 12'6"female0:39:2171
3 MileEric OlinsSUP 12'6"male0:39:3781
3 MileJeff HankinSUP Under 12'6"male0:39:4891
3 MileMarc RounsavilleSUP 14'male0:41:47106
3 MileAngie NicollettaSUP 12'6"female0:43:14112
3 MileJoe StiblerSUP 12'6"male0:45:35122
3 MileEmmye CherrySUP Under 12'6"female0:48:17131
3 MileLindsey SmithSUP 12'6"female0:49:41143
3 MileJack FitzstevensSUP Under 12'6"male0:57:47152
3 MileJay BeechSUP Under 12'6"male0:59:01163
6 MileGarrett FletcherSUP 14'male1:00:3711
6 MileEric BednorzSUP 14'male1:00:5722
6 MileZach RounsavilleSUP 14'male1:02:3133
6 MileBen FribergSUP 14'male1:02:5944
6 MileLarry HillSUP 14'male1:06:3355
6 MileDarrell Horton IiSUP 14'male1:07:1566
6 MileZane AsselinSUP 14'male1:07:1577
6 MileChris IronsSUP 14'male1:07:3388
6 MileTomas PecinkaSUP 14'male1:07:5199
6 MileKim HillhouseSUP 12'6"female1:08:19101
6 MileJack BartlettSUP 14'male1:08:471110
6 MileAvery AinsworthSUP 14'male1:09:171211
6 MileGabriel PereiraSUP 12'6"male1:09:25131
6 MileRyan FullertonSUP 12'6"male1:09:29142
6 MileButch GregorySUP 14'male1:11:241512
6 MileTed NelsonSUP 14'male1:11:401613
6 MileJacob CroxSUP 14'male1:12:001714
6 MileMike IwashitaSUP 14'male1:12:361815
6 MilePete FitzstevensSUP 14'male1:13:331916
6 MileSteve AldenSUP 14'male1:14:302017
6 MileBrett McmastersSUP 14'male1:14:482118
6 MilePhil AsselinSUP 14'male1:15:262219
6 MilePeter ShimpenoSUP 14'male1:16:382320
6 MileKorey MontgomerySUP 12'6"female1:27:13242
6 MileHannah FullertonSUP 12'6"female1:34:48253

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